• Calculating Activation Energy of Phthalonitrile Using the Flynn-Wall-Ozawa Equation
  • Joon Hyuk Lee , Eunkyung Jeon, Jung-kun Song, and Jaeho Choi

  • Agency for Defense Development, Yuseong P.O. Box 35, Daejeon 34186, Korea

  • Flynn-Wall-Ozawa 수식에 기반한 Phthalonitrile의 활성화 에너지 연구
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This study employed the Flynn-Wall-Ozawa method to determine the activation energy (Ea) of phthalonitrile (PN) synthesized with varying concentrations of a sulfur-containing curing agent. The synthesis process, characterized by various routes differing in curing times and temperatures, revealed that an optimal balance is critical for ideal thermal characteristics. It was observed that a 15% concentration of the curing agent offered the highest thermal stability. However, the proportion of sulfur content did not directly correlate with the applied proportion of curing agents, hinting at uneven mixing during the process. Despite this, the experimental results underscore the importance of fine-tuning the curing parameters for optimal synthetic outcomes. Lastly, an elevated Ea was in a direct correlation with the dosage amount of curing agents which confirmed their enhanced thermal stability.

이 연구에서는 Flynn-Wall-Ozawa 방법을 사용하여 다양한 농도의 황 함유 경화제로 합성된 프탈로니트릴의 활성화 에너지(Ea)를 분석하였다. 경화 시간과 온도의 변화를 통해 최적 합성루트를 우선 수행하였으며, 이를 기반으로 5-15%의 경화제를 적용하여 제조된 샘플의 열특성을 분석하였다. 다양한 농도 중, 15% 농도의 경화제가 가장 높은 열 안정성을 나타내었다. 그러나, 황 함유량의 비율이 높아질수록 열 안정성의 증가폭은 점차 감소되는 것 또한 관찰되었다. 마지막으로, 샘플의 열 안정성과 비례상관적인 관계에 있는 Ea의 결과값을 통해 Flynn-Wall-Ozawa 수식의 유효성을 검증하였다.

Keywords: heat-resistant material, phthalonitrile, curing agent, activation energy.

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This Article

  • 2024; 48(1): 41-45

    Published online Jan 25, 2024

  • 10.7317/pk.2024.48.1.41
  • Received on Aug 21, 2023
  • Revised on Sep 26, 2023
  • Accepted on Nov 21, 2023

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