• A Study on Adhesive Strength of Polymer Composites (Part 1)
  • Kim WT, Kim SW
  • 고분자복합재료의 접착강도에 관한 연구 (1보)
  • 김원택, 김남욱
The role of glassfiber in reinforced plastics composite has been experimentally investigated. High density polyethylene composites filled with glassfiber of two forms were used for the studies. Continuous filaments and short fiber were experimented. The results indicated that the tensile strength of high density polyethylene composite filled with continuous glassfiber was in agreement with Hollister''s theory, but those filled with short parallel glassfiber showed only from one third to one half of the theoretically predicated strength values. When the surface of short glassfiber was pretreated by coupling agents, in the plotted range of volume fraction up to 15%, the strength was higher than the theoretical value.

이성분계 복합재료로써 high density polyethylene-fiberglass의 복합소재를 사용하고 장 및 단섬유상 fiberglass를 일방향으로 배열하여 성형시켰다. Hollister의 이상이론을 실험적으로 밝히고 이론치와 비교했다. 그 결과 연속섬유의 경우는 그 강도가 이론치와 잘 일치함을 보여주었고 단섬유때는 이론치의 대략 1/3 - 1/2정도이나 잘 선택된 coupling agents를 사용한 후에는 15%이하의 액적범위에서 이론치보다 상회함을 알았다.

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  • 1977; 1(1): 37-42

    Published online Mar 25, 1977