• Morphological and Mechanical Properties of CuxS-Introduced Conductive Nylon 6 Film
  • Kang EY, Im SS
  • CuxS가 도입된 Nylon 6 Film의 형태학적 및 기계적 성질
  • 강은영, 임승순
Electroconductivity was to be imparted to Nylon 6 film by introducing CuxS, which is known as the p-type semiconductor. The optimum condition of the graft copolymerization and for the introducing of CuxS was determined. The morphology of grafted Nylon film and CuxS-introduced Nylon film surface was investigated with SEM. From Energy Dispersion X-ray Analysis, x value of CuxS was calculated and also degree of dispersion of CuxS into the Nylon film was investigated. The degree of crystallinity was calculated by using DSC. And then the tensile strength and modulus of grafted and CuxS-introduced Nylon 6 film was investigated. Electrical conductivity of the CuxS-introduced Nylon 6 film was 10-2 S/cm which is higher by order of 10-l0 than that of the original Nylon 6 film.

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  • 1986; 10(4): 354-361

    Published online Aug 25, 1986